Frequently Asked Questions about fees and medical aids

Frequently Asked Questions about fees and medical aids


What do you charge?

I charge standard medical-aid rates, which can vary depending on the length of the contracted sessions, and the nature of the work (for example individual therapy sessions are fifty-five minutes, whereas structured assessments vary in terms of time, and based on whether or not a report is required).




Will my medical aid pay?

I am a registered clinical psychologist, and as such have a registered practice number with the BHF (Board of Healthcare Funders), so all medical aids will cover the cost of sessions up to the extent that they make provision for a psychological therapy benefit. Here is the link to the BHFthe BHF in case you wish to check current fee structures. It is always prudent to call your medical aid up front and inquire as to what their annual benefit is for psychological services.




How does billing work?

I run a cash practice, and therefore you will be sent the account personally. If you are not on medical aid then you need to settle the account monthly, although some clients prefer to pay at the end of every session. If you are on medical aid, then you should submit my account to your medical aid, who will pay the money into your account. Some clients find that it is difficult for them to pay the account before the medical aid reimburses them, and therefore they wait until the medical aid transfers the money into their account before they pay me.



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