Many thanks!

I have created these pages using the combined knowledge of 20 years of study, research and clinical experience. I wish to thank mentors and clients alike for their contributions to the clinical knowledge and skills I have obtained and the path I am following. In compiling this site I have leaned on knowledge from a host of excellent internet sites, whose numbers definitely run into the hundreds . It is amazing to realise how much awesome work is being done out there to empower and treat people. I am in the process of compiling a far longer reference list, largely but not solely of free-information sites, which contain comprehensive, clearly written and clinically accurate information on particular areas of psychopathology, and without which this site would not have been possible.





Great sites for information on trauma, grief and PTSD:


A comprehensive and unselfish site that provides a wealth of information on drug abuse and dependence:


Really thorough sites covering information on a wide range of psychological issues: