I am a Cognitive Therapist, who is a skilled practitioner of various therapeutic areas within Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  I provide services for kids, adults, couples, groups and professionals.

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Adult Therapy

Adult psychotherapy helps individuals with a wide range of problems and levels of functioning to receive effective assessment and treatment.

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Adolescent Psychotherapy

The effectiveness of cognitive-behavioural therapy in treating children and adolescents has been shown through extensive research to yield successful results.

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I provide group and individual supervision to professionals, paraprofessionals (e.g. trauma counsellors, addiction counsellors and addiction sponsors) and volunteers.

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Life Coaching

People use life coaching to start new businesses, make career transitions, re-evaluate life choices or simply make timely changes to their personal and professional lives.

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Online Therapy

Online therapy has become a reliable, flexible and cost-effective form of therapy for many people worldwide.


Groups and lectures

Groups and Lectures

I am going to be running both therapy groups and some lectures including an open group for people struggling with underlying self-esteem, self-identity and personality issues.

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Couples therapy / Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling is a type of relationship therapy that focuses on building and maintaining a strong, healthy marriage. The goals sought through marriage counselling are as different and varied as the individuals who seek them.

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Community-Based Projects

I provide individual assessment and therapy for adolescents struggling with addictive chemicals and behaviours, as well as violence-related problems. I also work with schools to develop specific protocols for addressing these issues, on addiction education, and to train teachers further on addiction-related matters.

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Neuropsychological and Personality Assessment

Psychometric assessment is designed to achieve a number of purposes, including; generating a diagnosis, providing direction for treatment planning, assisting in client management, advancing research efforts and (in the case of medico-legal assessment) to help advise the court.

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Visit our Tools for Health & Wellness site where we attempt to move away from a focus on psychopathology and rather throw more light on the path to health. This site is designed to help you get quality advice on a wide range of physical and psychological health and wellness topics. It promotes the idea of creating broad-based health throughout your life, and acknowledges that in order to maximise happiness and reduce stress both your physical and psychological wellbeing need to be encouraged.

Tools for Health and Wellness is designed for everyone! It is intended for those of you doing really well in your lives and just looking to tweak one or two things to maximise this amazing life experience. Equally, it has been created for those of you who are currently struggling and are looking for more in-depth help with particular issues.

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